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Our Services

First responders are the heart of everything we do. We work very closely with police, firefighters, EMTs, and dispatchers to promote and bring to light the incredible work our heroes do behind the scenes in the community every day.

Because the needs of the community are ever-changing, we customize every event to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the person or family whom we are helping. We partner with local schools, shelters, and first responders to create unique events and solutions to fill the gaps that other community programs do not fill. Everything we do is free of charge due to the generous support of our donors. 

Our Miniature Therapy Horses​

Our mini therapy horses are specially trained to work in hospitals, large crowds, and in areas of trauma where sirens, noise, and condition are all common. They are trained to walk up and down stairs, ride elevators, and walk on all the different surfaces they might encounter while inside buildings. Because of their service, our therapy horses Hamlet and Honor earned badges through Keyport Police and Fire Department, respectively, and officially became the countries smallest equine officers. Click here to learn more about our sweet horses. 


Community Outreach

We work with all different organizations within the community from schools to churches to civic groups to identify needs within the community. We provide virtually whatever is needed in the community at the time. For example:

  • Specialized school programs

  • Private charity events on and off of our farm

  • Shopping services for the elderly during crisis situations

  • Farm experiences for youth first responder camps

  • Private horse therapy session for children, veterans and first responders. 

First Responder Outreach​

Given that we rely on our first responders so much for our events and fundraisers we also try our best to support them in any way we can. For example:

  • Annual first responders party day hosted at our farm

  • Work with multiple departments in supporting their "National Night" out events

  • Provide resources for special needs or services that are not covered by the department

  • Created and manage Back The Blue - Monmouth County on Facebook which has over16K members

  • Host multiple events on 9/11 to thank first responders for their service

  • Provide behind-the-scenes resources that allows departments to offer special assistance to individuals in the community that they otherwise would not have the funding to cover

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