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Kenny’s sister Laurie, who founded this foundation in his honor, has had a love for horses her whole life. About 10 years ago, she started integrating the horses into the foundation. We found that bringing the horses to community events with first responders drew large crowds. The horses have become a wonderful conduit with connecting first responders to the community. Our combination of mini and full size horses allows us to attend both offsite events and welcome people to our farm.

Meet the Minis

Mini Horse Heroes miniature horses work in New York, New Jersey, the tri-state area, as well as all along the East Coast in honor of P.O. Ken Tietjen.

Our mini horses support local police and fire departments, as well as veterans, assist children and adults experiencing trauma,

provide educational and mentoring programs to high-risk children, and comfort those dealing with life threatening illnesses.

Other Farm Friends 

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